Ezra's Mini Session

This little ray of sunshine was a joy to photograph. His beautiful red hair. His serious gaze. That little smile. I could have snapped photos of him all day. It was like he knew just what to do when the camera was on him. I don't "pose" any of my sessions, so this just came so naturally to him! 

He sat and followed my camera with his little face and played with daisies that were growing wild nearby. The sunset was lovely and it all came together so perfectly.  

I adore my sessions with these little ones because I get to capture them in a moment that only lasts for such a short time. They change so quickly at this age. Sometimes it seems like they are a completely different child in just one day. 

Is your sweet baby growing up faster than you would like? Wouldn't you love to capture these fleeting moments in photos that will last forever? Contact me here! I'd love to chat!