My name is Tara Young. I was born and raised in Jacksonville, FL and grew up spending many of my days on the beach.  I now live here with my wonderful husband, two sweet babies, and our two dogs. As a family, we take every opportunity to get outside and soak up a little sunshine! I am a coffee addict, saltwater lover, birth enthusiast, and light chaser. 

I was drawn to photography because family means the world to me. I believe there are moments to be remembered even in the most ordinary of days. Perhaps for your family that means finding pinecones and wildflowers outside, picking up seashells and watching the waves crash on the beach, or simply having story time at home in your pajamas. What do those simple moments look like for you family? What are the little things that seem to fade a way so quickly, things you don't want to ever forget? I will find what it is you want to freeze in time and capture it in photos. You will look back on these images in 5, 10, 20 years and they will take you back to the moments you want to remember as if you are living them again. 

My work as a doula was fired by my love for my babies and belief in the power of a positive birth experience. I had two very different births and I now draw on both of those experiences to support other women and their families. Women are strong and capable of birthing in a way that intuitively feels right to them. My passion is to nurture that strength and help create positivity surrounding each birth. 



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