It’s so nice to see you here

I’m Tara - Jacksonville native, sunshine seeker, coffee drinker, wife, mother…and hopefully your new friend. After two very different birth experiences, I chose to dive into the world of birth to support other women and families. I have seen firsthand that the longterm affects of our birth experiences cannot be underrated. That being the case, I am incredibly passionate about recognizing the power within each and every woman throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. This is always a part of my relationship with each client, whether it is for photography, doula support, or both.

Priceless benefits are brought to the birth process as a whole when support is available. It is also a special privilege that I have to show you the beauty in documenting birth in a way that will capture both the hard work and beautiful emotions that are a part of bringing our babies earthside - both aspects are truly invaluable.

I look forward to working together toward a positive experience for YOUR beautiful birth.